Time Machine 2018: Anna Chaney, Programming and Music Nerd


As Time Machine 2018 approaches, we’re pleased to highlight some of the global executives, cultural innovators, and industry trailblazers who will be speaking at the conference.

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Anna Chaney proclaims herself a “lifelong nerd,” and it seems she’s right on the money. After all, she has an impressive history of coding and developing emergent technology, and currently serves as a Data Scientist and Tech Lead for IBM Watson.

It’s evident in her work that Chaney is a brainiac. Prior to her move to IBM, she helped engineer the Thirty Meter Telescope, which will allow us to observe cosmic objects with unprecedented sensitivity, along with her work to add Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology capability to defense technology, and develop underwater acoustic signal processing in Naval anti-submarine software.

Her extensive experience working with such vital industries is impressive, to say the least, but Chaney doesn’t stop there. She brings her passion for coding and artificial intelligence to the music realm. As a Data Scientist for IBM’s Watson Beat, she is one of the brains behind the neural network that composes original music.

For aspiring superstars to use Watson Beat, they simply need to input up to 10 seconds of music and a mood for the desired output, then the system does the heavy lifting. The system then allows musicians to alter, edit, and mix away from the initial output—like it’s just another member of the band.

In fact, Watson Beat is one of the systems that contributed to the first pop album to be entirely composed and produced by artificial intelligence. Between the system’s success and her immense tech experience, Chaney makes for an exciting authority to lead a conversation regarding AI’s future in music.

Adding to her expertise, she also plays bass guitar in a band called Don’t Panic that, per their Facebook page, “play[s] covers for select, unfortunate audiences.”

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