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3 Transformations Redefining Worker Safety with Visual AI

AIRED ON: August 18, 2022

Webinar Summary

Nearly 340 million workplace accidents and injuries occur worldwide each year, costing U.S. businesses over $250 billion. Manufacturing represents the highest percentage of injuries overall, with the collective impact across industries being:

  • 2.8 out of 100 workers on average in the U.S are injured in workplace accidents every year
  • OSHA penalties for willful or repeated violations run $145,027 per investigation
  • On average, employers will spend $120,000 on each workplace injury

Given both human and technology constraints, there has only been incremental progress in prevention and zero-incident systems. Artificial intelligence is renowned for solving for these constraints. Specifically, visual AI allows companies to shift HSE from analyze and react to prevent and prescribe. It augments human intelligence with the ability to detect unsafe acts and near misses.

Further, managers can learn from this new information and create new policies and procedures to curb risky behavior. Visual AI leverages existing infrastructure (e.g. cameras, internet) to manage everything from PPE compliance and worker safety, to facility access and physical security.


SparkCognition’s Jon Haslanger explains how organizations:

  • Apply visual AI to achieve a 4x improvement in worker safety
  • Develop new procedures to change, stop, and prevent risky behaviors
  • Leverage existing cameras to immediately improve OSHA compliance and HSE KPIs

About the Speaker

Jon Haslanger

Jon Haslanger is a technologist, innovator and leader with a passion for using AI to solve critical business problems. With 15+ years safely leading teams in high risk industries, he is well acquainted with the challenges and importance of managing workplace safety. Jon's experience with applied data science and machine learning allows him to leverage expertise, quickly unlock benefits for companies from their AI investments. At SparkCognition as a solutions architect he serves as an advisor to manufacturing, industrial and energy companies, helping solve critical challenges by deploying artificial intelligence solutions, delivering improvements in safety, quality and efficiency. Prior to joining Sparkcognition, Jon worked at Schlumberger in several key positions across America, Europe and Asia. Jon holds a BSME from Johns Hopkins and an MSBA from NYU.

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