Unleashing AI’s Potential to Supercharge Renewable Asset Performance

AIRED ON: June 22, 2023

Webinar Summary

Today’s wind and solar assets, from turbines to panels, must operate reliably in harsh and challenging environments. Since 2015, the installed gigawatts have increased by 2x for wind generation, 5x for solar generation, and 23x for installed storage! With the new volume and growth, assets have begun to age and break, requiring maintenance operations to scale.

Unfortunately, scaling maintenance operations have proven challenging. A single wind turbine has over 700 alarm codes with no standardization between control systems. Without a way to interpret this data, asset managers must rely on traditional routine inspections or asset failures to maintain asset uptime.


AI is pivotal in enabling organizations to interpret vast and non-standardized data: detecting anomalies, predicting asset failures, and prescribing the next best actions. In this webinar, we will do a deep dive into three critical AI capabilities, and you will learn how they are changing the competitive landscape for renewable asset managers, including:

  • How neural networks allow operators to understand the dynamics of aging assets reducing failure by up to 20%
  • How Normal Behavior Modeling (NBM) significantly reduces alert fatigue, ensuring worker productivity
  • How machine learning can augment human knowledge and retain critical asset history increasing uptime by 5%

About the Speakers

Stephen Gold

Stephen Gold is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) bringing over 30 years of experience, including B2B application software development, AI and data science, and IoT services. He previously was the General Manager of Honeywell’s $2.5B Connected enterprise, where he led the digital transformation and IoT advancement of this century-old $40B manufacturer. As Group CMO of IBM Watson, Gold was one of the principal business architects who delivered next-generation AI technology, driving over 10,000 engagements. Prior positions included CCO of HZO, CMO of SPSS, President of Aberdeen Group, and President & CEO of Azerity. Gold has also served on various private and public boards, and has been featured on various media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Today Show, and Fox News.

Rob Budny

Rob Budny leads the sales of SparkCognition products to the power generation industry. He is a Mechanical Engineer by training, with 20 years of power generation experience, and a particular focus on renewable energy. Using his expertise in rotating equipment reliability, Rob has been developing and selling AI solutions for the power generation industry for the past 7 years.

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Unleashing AI’s Potential to Supercharge Renewable Asset Performance is available on demand. SparkCognition’s Stephen Gold and Rob Budny take a deep dive into critical AI capabilities and reveal how they are changing the competitive landscape for renewable asset managers. Watch it today!

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