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AI Demystified: Transforming Industrial Operations With Deep Learning and Autoencoders

AIRED ON: March 23, 2023

Webinar Summary

Today’s industrial assets, including everything from pumps to compressors to turbines, must operate reliably in a wide array of harsh and challenging environments. Toward that goal, these assets are becoming instrumented, intelligent, and interconnected, and generate an incredible amount of data. Unfortunately, the ability to process this information in real-time has proven elusive. According to Accenture, less than 29% of organizations apply advanced analytics, like AI, effectively across their sites to reduce operational costs and/or optimize processes.

AI plays a pivotal role in enabling organizations to detect anomalies, predict asset failures, and prescribe the next best actions. However, to many, AI is a black box and few understand which techniques work best for the assets and systems that power their business.

In this webinar, we will do a deep dive on three critical AI capabilities, and you will learn how they give adopters a sustainable competitive advantage, including:

  • How neural networks allow operators to understand the dynamics of aging assets reducing failure by up to 20%
  • How Normal Behavior Modeling (NBM) is significantly reducing alert fatigue and boosting worker productivity
  • How machine learning can augment human knowledge and retain critical asset history increasing uptime by 5%


  • How organizations are leveraging AI technologies to cross the chasm between raw data and actionable insights
  • What are the key components of an AI Solution and how they augment human intelligence to digest large datasets that turn into actions.
  • How Normal Behavior Modeling (NBM) gets better over time to allow you to detect unknown unknowns
  • How AI seamlessly integrates with existing workflows enabling efficient SME allocation and enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and visibility

About the Speakers

Sreenivasa Gorti

Sreenivasa Gorti is currently VP of Product Management and AI Solutions at SparkCognition. He is responsible for AI product strategy and delivery across predictive analytics, NLP, automated model building, and the core AI operationalization fabric across SparkCognition solutions. Gorti's career path has taken him through a variety of technology leadership roles in different domains (automotive, oil & gas, mobile networks, television, advertising, and enterprise software). Through these roles, he has maintained active expertise and interest in AI-based innovation, distributed systems, and data-driven insights to drive key business decisions. Gorti has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay, an MS from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has several academic publications and over 50 granted patents.


Andrea Schmidt

Andrea Schmidt is the Director of Solution Architecture for SparkCognition, a leading Industrial AI company. She and her team help businesses adopt Data Science and Machine Learning capabilities to operations, maintenance, and safety-minded organizations across the oil & gas, energy, and manufacturing sectors. With a background in Industrial Engineering and Data Science, she values the efficiency that can be gained by automation in the workplace and advocates for human-centered design and applying deliberate thoughtfulness to the impact that AI technology solutions bring to our every-day professional lives. In her free time you can find her road cycling in the hills of Austin, TX.

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