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From Good to Great: How Visual AI Turns You Into a Safety Superstar

AIRED ON: March 14, 2023

Webinar Summary

As computer vision adoption and applications mature, more tools are being developed for the everyday worker. Some have waited for the arrival of this new technology, but many more are still considering how computer vision technology benefits them.

SparkCognition has developed a tool that empowers HSE managers. With Visual AI Advisor, HSE managers can prevent accidents, automate alerts, and quantify their impacts without micromanaging workers. Visual AI Advisor helps deploy HSE managers’ resources more effectively, easing supervision and reporting requirements.

Join us to see how other companies are implementing visual AI to prevent the most common workplace injuries. You will hear stories about how customers used this tool to track unsafe acts and near misses, create engineering controls, and reduce major problems for HSE managers. These outcomes benefit companies by reducing HSE costs, improving process uptime, and increasing worker morale.

Visual AI Advisor benefits HSE managers by:

  • Preventing accidents – 4x improvement in workplace safety
  • Reporting near misses and unsafe acts – target training can cut incidents by more than half
  • Retrieving incidents using filters – save +20 monthly manual review hours

About the Speakers

Jodie Sasse

Jodie Sasse is an accomplished leader and advisor to companies looking to find innovative software solutions for the most complex business problems. Throughout her 20+ year career in the technology industry, she has developed a passion for helping companies unlock growth, optimize performance, and realize return on their technology investments. As SparkCognition’s, Managing Director of Visual AI Advisor, she drives outcomes for clients with challenges related to Safety, Security, Productivity, Quality and Situational Awareness. Prior to joining SparkCognition, Jodie has held various roles at Twilio, Equals3 AI, IBM and IBM Watson. She has a BS in Finance and Economics from Syracuse University and a MBA from Suffolk University.


Jaidev Amrite

Jaidev Amrite is the Head of Product for SparkCognition's Natural Language AI, DeepNLP. Before SparkCognition, Amrite led multiple product development initiatives in IIoT, Data Analytics and Embedded Systems at National Instruments and Microsoft. He earned his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and is passionate about making technology approachable through human centered design and social psychology.

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From Good to Great: How Visual AI Turns You Into a Safety Superstar is available on demand. Learn more about Visual AI Advisor from SparkCognition’s Jodie Sasse and Jaidev Amrite.

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