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The Future of HSE is Here: Stop Accidents in Their Tracks with Visual AI

AIRED ON: May 2, 2023

Webinar Summary

As a health, safety, and environmental (HSE) manager, ensuring workplace safety is crucial to maintaining efficient and productive operations. However, traditional safety tools and methods can be reactive, manual-intensive, and prone to human error. The good news is that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (also known as visual AI) can revolutionize the way HSE managers approach safety.

Computer vision is an important subdomain of AI, with over 80% of organizations expected to adopt some form of computer vision to analyze images and video in the near future. In fact, it already accounts for more than a quarter of total AI software spending. However, many industries and professions are still unfamiliar with visual AI and its benefits.

In the realm of health and safety, visual AI provides a range of critical use cases that can help prevent accidents, issue proactive alerts, and enhance existing incident management systems and workflows. SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor is a powerful HSE tool that integrates with your existing incident management system to help you:

  • Prevent accidents before they occur
  • Implement automated incident tracking and reporting of near misses and unsafe acts
  • Measure the number of incidents by time, location, and incident type
  • Create a safer and more efficient workplace


  • Understand how computer vision is transforming HSE.

  • Experience how visual AI predicts and prevents accidents and near misses.
  • Learn how visual AI provides real-time alerts and actionable insights.
  • See how AI has been integrated with incident management systems for automated tracking and reporting.
  • Discover how computer vision can be deployed in days with your existing cameras.

Join us to learn more about SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor and discover how leading organizations are leveraging this technology to gain a competitive advantage. By attending this webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights about computer vision and its applications in HSE management.

About the Speaker

Stephen Gold

Stephen Gold is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) bringing over 30 years of experience, including B2B application software development, AI and data science, and IoT services. He previously was the General Manager of Honeywell’s $2.5B Connected enterprise, where he led the digital transformation and IoT advancement of this century-old $40B manufacturer. As Group CMO of IBM Watson, Gold was one of the principal business architects who delivered next-generation AI technology, driving over 10,000 engagements. Prior positions included CCO of HZO, CMO of SPSS, President of Aberdeen Group, and President & CEO of Azerity. Gold has also served on various private and public boards, and has been featured on various media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Today Show, and Fox News.

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