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Since opening our doors in 2013, SparkCognition has focused on delivering artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across the industries that drive our society forward. This begins with educating the market on emerging technologies, their applications, and how our solutions deliver real-world value. Our website serves as our single most important tool and greatest opportunity to deliver this educational content—I mean, you’re here, aren’t you? As general awareness of AI continues to proliferate and our customers’ needs constantly evolve, we decided to expand and enhance our company website to better prioritize the content and information you care about most.

A new look and feel

The first thing you likely noticed when landing on this page is our site’s new look and feel. As we moved through the redesign process, we focused on creating a fresh, contemporary look with bold imagery and a cohesive visual brand integrated into an intuitive responsive design for an improved mobile experience across your devices. 

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Did you notice the icon in the bottom right corner? That’s our new chatbot, where we can answer your questions and quickly guide you to the information you want. Give it a click and say hi!

For your information

The new site isn’t just for show—we’ve streamlined a lot of the content to be more clear, relevant, and actionable. 

First, we’ve renamed our product portfolio to better articulate the problem we’re addressing for critical industries, like SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite, SparkCognition O&G Maintenance Advisor, SparkCognition EPP, and SparkCognition Renewable Suite. We’ve also included a list of the broader solutions we offer to demonstrate what we can deliver across industries, such as endpoint protection, asset performance, health and safety, and more. 

We’ve also added a technology section to our top navigation menu to help you learn about AI and the transformative results you’ll experience when you leverage your existing data to generate actionable insights that prevent unexpected downtime, maximize asset performance, optimize prices, and ensure worker safety, all while avoiding zero-day attacks on essential IT and OT infrastructure. 

And finally, while this section is not exactly new, we’d be remiss not to call attention to our freshly updated and always informative library of resources. Here you’ll find white papers, case studies, webinars, events, and our company news.

The ongoing journey to deliver what you need, when you need it

A key function of the updated website is its ability to evolve over time. As the AI market continues to mature and your needs continue to develop, so will our website, its features, and the content it houses. 

Welcome again to the new and improved sparkcognition.com; we’re glad you’re here!

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