What’s Inside our Generative AI Platform?


Perfected over ten years of real-world engagements serving many of the world’s largest brands in energy, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, financial services, and other industries, SparkCognition’s AI-first products deliver value to customers measuring in billions of dollars. Productizing the science of AI to solve critical challenges is what we do. How we do it is by seamlessly integrating a comprehensive suite of AI technologies assembled through the intellectual property of SparkCognition’s 200+ patent portfolio assets—proven advancements spanning machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation, generative AI, and computer vision. Let’s take a closer look at our unique launching pad to deploy scalable, secure, SaaS-based, configurable, and explainable products as solution vehicles for high-value problems in the industrial sector today: SparkCognition Generative AI Platform.

The AI-first technology behind our products and solutions

The SparkCognition Generative AI Platform consists of five interlocking technology pillars (a.k.a. our AI Studios) stacked on top of our foundational data and model services framework:


Automated model building

SparkCognition ML Studio uses automated model building to accelerate the process of building AI and machine learning (ML) solutions. Enabling the development of highly accurate, scalable models for time series data, ML Studio improves productivity by streamlining data preparation, automating machine learning tasks such as feature generation and selection, and automatically building multiple generations of models to find the best option for the developed solution. ML Studio’s intuitive interface empowers business users and data scientists alike to gain insights with a zero-code model deployment and maintenance architecture—yet it’s powerful enough to help data scientists develop more fine-tuned and custom solutions in days instead of weeks.


Extracting critical insights from unstructured data

SparkCognition NLP Studio unlocks previously unavailable insights and knowledge within unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP). Using advanced ML techniques to automate the retrieval of information, classification of documents, and content analytics, NLP Studio can automatically group documents such as records, emails, texts, reports, contracts, financial documents, and other richly formatted sources by similarity. Our customers utilize NLP Studio to analyze and leverage unstructured data that was previously too expensive or difficult to access in order to experience new visibility, reduce operating expenses, surface actionable insights, and enhance decision-making.


Seamlessly understanding data relationships

SparkCognition Knowledge Studio transforms an organization’s tribal knowledge and subject matter expertise into a knowledge base that delivers the right insights at the right time. Patented AI-powered computational knowledge graph technology enables the creation of a new class of knowledge-based applications that improve critical business functions and operational decision-making. Apps created with Knowledge Studio become invaluable decision-intelligence drivers, improving efficiency, profitability, and sustainability while establishing a competitive advantage that grows over time.


Real-time computer vision analytics for actionable alerts

SparkCognition Visual AI Studio is our end-to-end computer vision platform compatible with commonly used camera types (CCTV, PTZ, mobile devices, drones, etc.). Visual AI Studio’s low-code/no-code interface facilitates quickly designing, building, and deploying computer vision solutions at scale, with over 125 out-of-the-box use cases and operator dashboard tools. The platform supports the continuous delivery of updated models and employs continual learning to improve performance over time, mitigating false positive and negative alerts. Visual AI Studio empowers organizations to unlock new value from their existing CCTV infrastructure and immediately generate actionable insights—driving significant improvements in risk management and operational excellence.


Multimodal, multi-vertical, hyper-personalized generative AI 

SparkCognition Generative AI Studio provides enterprise-ready infrastructure and workflows to develop and fine-tune private, secure, multimodal, multi-vertical, and hyper-personalized support for generative large language models (LLMs), diffusion, and general adversarial networks. Generative AI Studio reduces time-to-value to operationalize generative AI applications and integrations through efficient data ingestion pipelines and ML Ops tools, containerized data privacy guardrails for model training and inference, provenance, and extensive dashboard features to manage and analyze foundation model selection and fine-tune results per specific datasets and usage scenarios.


Streamlining time-to-value from data input to business output

SparkCognition Data and Model Services optimizes and normalizes the multilayered processes of data management, science, and machine learning operations to accelerate time to value for our customers. Our foundational, low-code/no-code Data and Model Services workflow moves data, whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, through each step of its journey toward discernment, from ingestion to storage to enrichment and contextualization. SparkCognition’s end-to-end preprocessing, segmentation, tagging, extraction, semantic parsing, classification, graph representation, and custom code extraction pipeline equates to noise reduction at scale, delivering instant integration capability across our portfolio of products.


Putting it all together

It is this breadth and depth of foundational artificial intelligence IP that makes SparkCognition a standout, AI-first company offering proven solutions to diverse sectors like renewable energy, manufacturing, or education. We have the tools and experience to apply AI hyper-efficiently and derive actionable insights from any data source. We can automate model building, optimization, deployment, and maintenance, automate workflows of unstructured data, transform enterprise knowledge into decision intelligence, streamline computer vision model-building and deployment, and cultivate operational IQ with generative AI-enabled workflows. Turning broad-spectrum AI platform capabilities into repeatable and scalable products is how we empower our customers to proactively learn from their data, augment the intelligence of their teams, accelerate digital transformation, and drive profitable growth.

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