Why We Love Working at SparkCognition


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the flowers, cards, and chocolates (although all are welcomed). At its heart, the holiday is about celebrating what you love: friends, family, pets, food, and even your job! This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to know what made our employees excited to come to work in the morning, so we sent out a company-wide poll to find out.

How do we love thee, SparkCognition? Let us count the ways.

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1) Building Something Big

It’s an exciting time to work in AI, and our survey responses reflected that. The most common theme of the responses was the sense that we are building something important and contributing to a body of knowledge—a sentiment backed up by our research papers and patent applications.

“I enjoy the diversity of customer projects we are assisting with, and knowing we are at the tip of the spear of AI, acting as good custodians and leaders to where AI will evolve to.”
– Mark M., Director of Sales

“I’ve finally been given the chance to contribute in a field that means the world to me.”
– Bryson G., Software Engineering Intern

“It is inspiring to work with people who don’t just look at a project as a task they have to complete, but instead look at is as a way to execute something they are passionate about. Being a part of a team that is extremely motivated to make a powerful impact in the world is motivating itself.”
– Amanda M., Communications Coordinator

2) The Future: Drones and Robots and AI, Oh My!

The future can be intimidating, especially when it comes to the future of things you love. Fortunately for us, the future is a source of inspiration and a stepping stone for innovation. We believe in the work we do and our company’s abilities and vision for an AI-enabled future.

“I love working with an innovative technology on projects for large enterprise companies while still being in a smaller company environment. We are competing against established tech companies and are still able to feel like the actions and decisions we make will have a unique impact on our company’s trajectory.”
– Walt R., Market Outreach and Development Specialist

“I love the people at SparkCognition, plus the opportunity to be part of building the future – that’s pretty cool.”
– John K., VP of Marketing and Communications


3) Trusted Leadership

The leaders at SparkCognition are able to provide a sense of calm, direction, and inspiration, whether it be a one-on-one meeting with your manager or our monthly all-hands meeting with the Founder and CEO himself, Amir Husain. Our leadership has created an environment where everyone contributes and is free to pursue important projects.

“I love the people, culture, cutting edge work, workspace, and having Amir as the CEO.”
– Natesh B., Data Science Intern

“Having a meaningful share of voice in my organization is extremely motivating, and the opportunity to contribute to something so important to our future makes all the hard work worth it!”
– Lorena B., Marketing Automation Specialist

4) Coworkers That Never Have a Case of the Mondays 

Of course the people who make work worth it cannot be forgotten on a day like Valentine’s Day.

“The people are the coolest I’ve ever worked with, the learning acceleration curve is challenging and exhilarating, and I thoroughly enjoy the teamwork with others who share the zeal of AI.”
– Walter M., Maritime Director

“My team is a fabulous group of fun, talented, intelligent, dedicated engineers.”
– Robert T., Senior QA Analyst

“Feels like second home with brilliant and caring family to be proud of!”
– Shashank B., Data Scientist

5) Snacks

As important as it is to respect your coworkers, have great leadership, and find purpose in your job, sometimes you just need some chocolate. Luckily, SparkCognition provides that (as well as breakfast tacos on Tuesdays, lunch on Fridays, and a generous pantry of snacks).

Perhaps our feelings on the matter are best summed up by Data wrangler, Arthur L:
“This company is full of those that can be depended upon to always be there when you just need something but unclear what.
Those that can keep you going when times are challenging.
Those that bring you away from your desk and encourage you to mingle with your co-workers.
Of course, I’m talking about the break room snacks and I’m especially looking at you peanut M&Ms.”

Happy Valentine’s Day from SparkCognition!

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