AI is not just evolution, it's revolution

In an industry full of uncertainty, data is your most valuable asset. SparkCognition’s cognitive AI solutions extract that value and put it to work for your operations.

"Cutting edge technologies, like AI-based predictive analytics, are key enablers to improving the efficiency of our operations and meeting our ambition to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner. Working collaboratively with SparkCognition, we have delivered this project in an agile way."

Powering Our Society

We partner with the world’s largest organizations that power, finance, and defend our society to uncover their highest potential through the application of AI technologies.


Enhance every aspect of operations, including endpoint protection, maintenance and logistics, intelligence analysis, and mission effectiveness.
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AI applications deliver forewarning of asset failure or flight issues, and better understanding of aviation assets and systems.
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Cognitive endpoint protection built from AI to detect and prevent threats at machine scale.
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Financial Services

Secure sensitive data with cognitive endpoint protection, and organize document hierarchies with natural language processing.
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AI adds certainty and reduces variability for manufacturing operations, allowing them to remain competitive in a global environment.
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Absorb data within and across ship classes, delivering invaluable guidance for comprehensive fleet management.
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Augment subject matter experts while providing advance notice of asset health issues by analyzing historical and real-time sensor data.
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Oil & Gas

Monitor and optimize operations using predictive maintenance, adapt to downhole conditions in real time, and guard against cyber threats with anomaly detection.
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Senior VP & Chief Digital Officer

"Cognitive learning is going to be the key for the future. The technology is a differentiator we’re providing our customers."

Assistant Head of Strategic Concepts

"SparkCognition is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence and this collaboration will help ensure that the British Army continues to stay at the cutting edge of evolving technologies."

Adapt & Accelerate

SparkCognition is an enterprise AI company with software solutions that help customers:

  • Analyze increasingly complex data stores
  • Reveal actionable insights
  • Identify and automate optimal responses

We enable customers to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies with AI capabilities that:

  • Increase the production value of assets
  • Maximize the potential and retain the knowledge of the workforce
  • Protect infrastructure from cyber threats

Leading Edge AI Built By Leading Experts

AI can enable humans to do at the highest level what only humans can do, which is to imagine the future we desire, and create it.

As the country’s leading AI company, we greatly value intellectual diversity. The SparkCognition family is composed of individuals across a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, regions, and experience.