Rise above uncertainty in manufacturing with the power of AI at scale.

Take full advantage of machine learning for smarter maintenance and quality control

Extract actionable quality control insights

SparkCognition solutions provide layers of new insights driven by data you already have, allowing you to continuously monitor snapshot metrics and asset health, validating areas of improvement across plants, product lines, runs, and timelines—with intelligent analysis.

Manage for the KPIs that matter most

With run-over-run comparisons, plant-over-plant comparisons, and continuous KPI insights on a granular level, SparkCognition solutions have been used to significantly reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

Maintain proactively, not wastefully

Predictive analytics software solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help plant managers stop burning time and wasting resources on assets that don’t yet actually require maintenance. Predict and prevent hard-to-find asset failures before they occur.

According to Allied Market Research, the global market for artificial intelligence in manufacturing is projected to reach almost $15.3 billion in 2025.

Use Case Spotlight

A Total Plant solution for operational excellence

Manufacturing today requires a heightened ability to adapt effectively to evolving conditions in your plant, as low margins make the importance of production continuity higher than ever. Real-time visibility that captures end-to-end insights for predictive maintenance allows you to prevent downtime and optimize throughput—a transformational advantage enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learn more as our CTO, Sridhar Sudarsan, and Caglayan Arkan, VP of Manufacturing & Supply Chain at Microsoft, discuss how SparkCognition addresses the needs of the manufacturing industry with our Total Plant solution.

Reduce unexpected downtime

SparkCognition solutions provide plant operators with faster insights into asset failure prevention. Reduce unplanned outages by analyzing large amounts of data to identify anomalous behavior and show causal relationships using unsupervised learning techniques.

Minimize operational costs

Our solution allows plant managers to make better use of the sensor data they already have. Predict asset failures with enough lead time to take corrective actions before the equipment has a chance to break down while leaving assets that do not need maintenance to continue running.

Optimize asset performance

Advanced behavior modeling helps you flag operational inefficiencies and underperformance from actual observations and system behavior within the contextual environment. Natural language processing (NLP) reduces machine troubleshooting time by automatically classifying fault codes and recommending optimal corrective actions.

Streamline decision making

SparkCognition supports engineers and analysts with real-time predictive insights to automate the most time-consuming steps of the data science process.

Prevent zero-day cyber attacks

Preventing 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks, SparkCognition provides highly awarded protection against zero-day ransomware, viruses, malware, and more.

Rapidly scale AI

Using unsupervised learning techniques—with models that adapt and maintain themselves dynamically whenever components or assets may change—our solutions scale efficiently across systems, plants, and geographic regions.

Use Case Library

Predictive maintenance for CPG manufacturing

CPG plant operations and assets tend to deteriorate over time. But most of the industry still relies on preventive maintenance to avert failures. SparkCognition offers an advanced approach with predictive analytics software solutions to help plant managers stop churning valuable resources on assets that don’t yet actually require maintenance, and start predicting and preventing hard asset failures before they occur.

Quality control for CPG manufacturing

Products that do not pass quality standards waste valuable resources, money, and operating time. But if they make it to distribution, they pose a material threat to the producer’s reputation. SparkCognition develops scalable machine learning solutions to assess operational performance and address inefficiencies in production processes proactively.

Find out how SparkCognition can protect, monitor, and optimize your operations.