Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Renewable Energy

Leverage AI in renewable energy to increase production, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency
Renewable energy operators have little time to sift through the terabytes of data available from their wind, solar, hydro, or storage assets, yet they can’t afford to miss opportunities to optimize their O&M costs and improve energy production.

SparkCognition enables you to outperform your competition and maximize your operational efficiency with our proven artificial intelligence and renewable energy solutions.



AI in renewable energy case studies for wind,
solar, hydro, and storage

SparkCognition’s deep industry expertise in artificial intelligence and renewable energy helps you save time, money, and resources while derisking AI adoption for your organization.

See how our AI in renewable energy solutions unlock new modes of visibility into critical operations, allowing you to improve efficiency, create a holistic operational view of your business, and increase profitability by up to 10%.

Saving $150K per incident by detecting pitch bearing issues up to six months earlier

Learn how we combine our deep energy domain expertise with the latest in data analytics to detect pitch bearing issues remotely, using data from existing sensors on a turbine. Failures can be predicted with over 90% accuracy, up to six months in advance, saving upwards of $150,000 per incident through optimized repair scheduling. Read our case study

Accurately calculating energy loss with corrective actions

Discover how wind farm owners and operators apply our AI in renewable energy solutions to increase profitability by up to 10%. SparkCognition Renewable Suite identifies underperforming turbines and the source of the problem, as well as corrective actions and continuous health score monitoring. Read our case study

Increasing solar energy production with an AI approach to soiling detection

Discover how AI-powered asset management platform solutions eliminate the need for expensive soiling stations, helping solar operators implement optimized cleaning intervals that maximize their energy production at the lowest possible cost. Read our use case

Detect yaw misalignment 80% faster with 96% accuracy to increase revenue by $45,000

Learn how SparkCognition Renewable Suite was able to detect yaw misalignment of five degrees or more with 96% accuracy—using only two months of historical data. Read our case study

    Making clean energy more profitable: AI in renewable energy solutions

    Increase revenue

    Increase renewable energy production by up to 5% via automated detection of underperforming assets, AI-enabled forecasting, and prescriptive recommendations.

    Reduce costs

    Advanced behavior modeling and prescriptive maintenance give early detection of sub-optimal conditions and provide maintenance staff with a better plan of action to proactively solve problems and avoid unexpected costs.

    Gain operational visibility

    Manage multiple assets and operations easily with broad visibility across assets and deep analytical insights.

    Save time and drive improvements with end-to-end visibility and advanced reporting.

    Prevent downtime with AI in renewable energy

    AI-based predictive analytics and anomaly detection identify precursors to system failures that ensure timely maintenance action to reduce failure rates, costs, and downtime; saving as much as $150,000 per failure event, saving millions of dollars each year.

    Discover efficiencies with AI in renewable energy

    Our cloud-based, SaaS solution uses both structured and unstructured data to improve the decision-making process in real time. Our solutions can recommend and analyze the effects of different potential plans of action and even help set a chosen plan into motion.

    Secure assets with AI in renewable energy

    Operational Technology (OT) assets for critical infrastructure are popular targets for hackers. SparkCognition’s patented AI-powered endpoint protection secures OT assets against a broad range of known and zero-day attacks.

    Creating a sustainable future with artificial intelligence and renewable energy

    Break free from inefficiency: there’s a better way to optimize your wind, hydro, solar, and storage operation. Combining artificial intelligence and renewable energy enables you to use your existing data to dramatically improve efficiency, unify data silos, and create a holistic view of your operations while reducing the manual burden of tasks like reporting and workforce scheduling.

    Avoidable expenses and production losses are estimated to cost the renewable energy industry $32B annually by 2023.

    SparkCognition Renewable Suite is the world’s first AI-enabled asset management platform for renewable energy, built to increase production, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency in a scalable, automated, and cost-effective way. 


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