Human Intelligence at Machine Scale

Our solutions are agile and streamline operations of any size, making it easier to accomplish goals and meet objectives in an expedited manner. These solutions can be seamlessly delivered via the cloud or on devices, and can also run on top of a client’s interface of choice. Our technology supports the entire business model, allowing companies to go from simply selling products to selling a service, wherein assets are packaged with predictive and learning capabilities.

AI-Powered Endpoint Security Solution

DeepArmor® has trained on millions of malicious and benign files and provides industry-leading protection against a broad spectrum of threats. With millions of new malware variants showing up each month, DeepArmor provides signature-free peace of mind.

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Total Asset Protection and Optimization

SparkPredict® enables truly predictive capabilities that deliver billions of dollars in cost savings and operational efficiency improvements to machine operators. SparkPredict learns from sensor data, identifies impending failures long before they occur, and flags sub-optimal operations before they can cause any harm.

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Streamline Business by Unlocking Unstructured Data

DeepNLP® is a scalable solution that uses deep learning to deliver human intelligence at machine scale to your documents. DeepNLP intelligently retrieves information with minimal user training; adds structure to documents by extracting key entities; and automates business processes by classifying documents in a cutting-edge and configurable way.

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An Automated Model Building Assistant for the Data Scientist

Darwin is a major advancement from traditional machine learning, which operates via manual data cleaning, feature generation, and parameter tuning. These traditional approaches run into several problems: They take time to design and implement, often struggle to scale across large operations, and can be limited by edge cases that occur under extreme or unusual operating parameters. By contrast, Darwin creates dynamic models that are highly accurate and take less time to develop.

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