Solutions for AI in Oil and Gas

Increase production and lower costs with proven solutions for AI in oil and gas

SparkCognition’s proven AI in oil and gas solutions increase your ability to identify production-impacting events by up to 90%, provide asset failure predictions with an average of 9 days of advance notice, and accelerate production.


Identifying asset failures before they happen: AI in oil and gas case studies

From onshore to offshore to petrochemical to LNG plants, nothing is more crucial for the safety of your workers and continuity of production than predicting and preventing critical asset failures.

Using artificial intelligence in oil and gas reduces risk and preserves uptime by discovering precursors to system and subsystem failure with oil and gas machine learning models that can be developed in hours, not weeks—and without advanced data science expertise.

Our predictive AI in oil and gas solutions identify production-impacting events and reduce maintenance costs by 5-10% annually.

Maximizing production potential and improving overall platform safety for high-volume offshore platforms

Learn how a supermajor improved production by up to $30M annually per platform, using SparkCognition Oil and Gas Platform Advisor. Explore how AI in oil and gas predictive analytics deployed across critical fleet subsystems can predict impending failures and optimize maintenance activities. Read our case study

Improving refinery safety and efficiency with AI at the edge

Read about how a leading contract manufacturer of specialty petrochemicals used our machine learning-based predictive analytics to improve refinery safety and productivity, starting with industrial pumps. Our solution identified precursors to pump failure, allowing operators to avert accidents and plan repairs before an accident. Read our brochure

Predicting drilling anomalies and reducing the risk of stuck-pipe events

Learn how SparkCognition’s oil and gas machine learning models predicted 79% of overall drilling anomalies, including stuck pipe events, with up to six hours advance notice, for a large drilling operator in the Middle East. The project saved the customer millions in drilling costs and downtime while mitigating drilling dysfunction and optimizing their drilling operations. Read our solution sheet

    Solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream

    Maximize your upstream E&P production time while reducing costs​

    SparkCognition predictive analytics products for AI in oil and gas uncover system failures before they happen while optimizing maintenance across critical assets and subsystems.

    Increase reliability for your midstream LNG assets ​

    SparkCognition AI in oil and gas solutions deliver actionable insights that enable your operation to proactively schedule maintenance at the optimal moment it’s needed, reducing the costs associated with unplanned downtime.

    Optimize your downstream asset performance operations​

    Failure of pumps, turbines, and other equipment leads to inefficient operations and missed production goals. Our solutions for AI in oil and gas deliver recommendations to fix and service your equipment before it fails.

    Beyond preventing catastrophic failures: How AI in oil and gas insights help you achieve ESG goals faster

    Recurring failures in assets and subcomponents drive 10% or more of the industry’s unexpected downtime annually and cost millions from deferred production. Our AI in oil and gas solutions deliver advance warning to mitigate both recurring and emergent asset failures—more than doubling previous lead times in some deployments.

    Reduce your carbon footprint by leveraging predictive and prescriptive insights.

    While reducing maintenance costs and downtime, our solutions also help you achieve your ESG goals faster. Opportunities abound to discover efficiency gains from data generated from your O&G activities. Reduce your carbon footprint by leveraging predictive and prescriptive insights to become more sustainable.