SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor

Transform your existing camera infrastructure with intelligent computer vision software

SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor empowers you to detect and analyze objects in your video feed so you can increase productivity, reduce accidents, strengthen security, and better understand your business. Tap into your existing camera infrastructure to generate actionable insights that unlock enhanced value for your organization.

Proven value

“HPCL is deploying AI-based visual analytics across its retail network to improve customer satisfaction and safety. The solution covers more than 100K CCTV cameras, by far the largest implementation of visual analytics in the country. AI has been instrumental in advancing the use of data within our organization, helping us provide cutting edge solutions for improving customer convenience and service, predict future events, and optimize processes.”

Shri Ch. Srinivas, CGM
Digital Initiatives, HPCL

    Drive operational excellence, reduce costs, and boost productivity with the power of visual AI

    Millions of cameras keep watch over daily enterprise operations but are often underutilized and provide low ROI. Why? Because most of the footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV), pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), mobile device, and drone-mounted video feeds is merely collected and stored, creating a labor-intensive and error-prone dependency on humans to retroactively monitor playback in order to gain any insights.

    Take an AI-powered, proactive approach to video surveillance with SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor. Leveraging proven enterprise computer vision technology to automate real-time visual analytics and alerts using your existing camera infrastructure—SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor supports more than 125 end-to-end use cases to improve safety, security, visual inspection, productivity, and situational awareness.

    Take advantage of enterprise-ready, plug & play visual AI technology

    SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor deploys rapidly to your existing camera network to monitor performance, people, and assets.
    • Pair with any camera system already installed on your site, including CCTV, PTZ, drones, and mobile devices.
    • Deploy securely on-prem and/or sync with your cloud using our low-code/no-code integration framework.
    • Automate visual analytics on multiple real-time video streams at once.
    • Track your alerts on a single user interface for all cameras and use cases.

    Transition from reactive to proactive safety, security, and quality control

    Unlike most surveillance systems delivering dead digital feeds, Visual AI Advisor provides automated, proactive monitoring of designated violations or relevant parameters, with a continuous-learning training module to reduce false positives/negatives.

    • Automatically analyze visual data in real-time to reduce cost and harm associated with incidents/accidents.
    • Configure role-based alerts to notify designated personnel in real time via web and mobile apps, email, text, or onsite alarm system.
    • Monitor and collect valuable business data on performance, people, and assets across web, iOS, and Android-based dashboards.

    Operationalize visual AI at scale with over 125 ready-to-deploy use cases

    Visual AI Advisor empowers you to detect anomalies and initiate corrective measures across multiple business categories using 125+ pre-built enterprise computer vision use cases, with the ability to easily customize or create new ones to drive high ROI outcomes.
    • Safety: Detect and alert on unsafe employee actions and behaviors.
    • Security: Detect and alert on security issues related to personnel, property, and physical assets.
    • Productivity: Measure pivotal KPIs and modify standard operating procedures and workflows based on feedback.
    • Visual Inspection: Detect, alert, and reject inferior products.
    • Situational Awareness: Get a top-down view of physical plant(s) and retail environments to understand how, when, and where people and assets interact.

    Enterprise computer vision software resources

    Use Case: Preventing Forklift Accidents with Visual AI Advisor

    Forklift incidents are costly and far too common. In 2020 alone, over 7,000 forklift accidents resulted in a median of 17 lost work days per incident. Learn how HSE managers can reduce forklift incidents by creating a system of improvement that starts with SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor. Read our use case

    Enhancing quality control with an AI-powered approach to visual inspection

    One of India’s leading potato chip producers was discarding up to 7% of its finished product due to defective quality issues. Discover how they deployed Visual AI Advisor and realized a 15% improvement in the number of defects caught by visual inspection. Read the case study

    Visual AI Advisor computer vision health and safety

    Learn more about SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor

    Discover how Visual AI Advisor transforms your existing video feeds into a dynamic visual AI platform to analyze your environment for optimal safety, security, and productivity parameters, and alerts managers immediately when something’s wrong. Read the product sheet

    Delivering real-time fire safety with AI-powered CCTV

    One of India’s leading oleochemical operations lost $400K worth of assets in a massive fire. Learn how they deployed Visual AI Advisor to over 200 CCTV cameras, allowing them to detect fire signatures 10-20X faster than traditional fire detection systems. Read the case study

    Unlocking the Operational Value of Visual AI

    Learn about high ROI use cases of computer vision solutions that leverage existing camera systems—driving operational excellence, reducing cost, and making work environments safer, more secure, and more productive. Read the eBook

      Why SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor?

      Enterprise computer vision technology is the future of industrial surveillance systems—according to Garner, video analytics will be a standard element in two-thirds of new video surveillance installations by 2025.

      Drive operational excellence for your organization with SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor to generate analytics and actionable alerts from your existing CCTV cameras.

      Visual AI Advisor performs as a standalone product or as a complement to other AI-powered solutions in our product catalog. Because it requires no new equipment to deploy, scales to thousands of cameras in days, consolidates all video feeds into a single interface, and ships with 125+ proven use cases, Visual AI Advisor minimizes time-to-value for operationalizing visual AI—spotlighting your path to unearthing high-value insights and helping you avoid costly accidents, defects, and security breaches.

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