Artificial Intelligence in Government

Full-spectrum artificial intelligence (AI) in defense solutions for the U.S. government

SparkCognition Government SystemsTM (SGS) is the first full-spectrum artificial intelligence company that leverages proven commercial technologies for AI in government. Our patented AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies enable government organizations to meet the needs of their most pressing national security challenges for AI in defense.


Proven Value

"The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence across the entire Department of Defense is key to maintaining battlefield dominance in the future. SparkCognition has always viewed this as a top priority, and with the creation of SGS, we can continue to support the government in upholding our nation's global competitiveness."

Robert O. Work
32nd United States Deputy Secretary of Defense from 2014 to 2017
SGS Board Member

    Ensuring warfighter readiness across a diverse set of missions

    The U.S. government and Department of Defense (DOD) are urgently investing in artificial intelligence today to fend off competition from China for dominance in the AI era. A key pillar of the DOD strategy depends on surfacing commercially proven AI solutions that can accelerate AI in government and defense.

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, SGS leverages the power of SparkCognition’s proven commercial technologies—a patented AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technology stack—to address critical national security initiatives across a diverse range of missions. Our commercially deployed AI technologies have years of market maturity behind them, a key differentiator that ensures our capacity to deliver value for the government sector.

    Likewise, SGS’ distinguished leadership group brings decades of national security experience at the highest levels to lead our dedicated team of data scientists and industry experts in advancing AI in defense research and development. SGS works with government agencies and national security leaders to assure mission readiness—preventing unexpected downtime, maximizing asset performance, ensuring safety, optimizing decision-making, and thwarting zero-day cyberattacks on essential IT and OT infrastructure.

    Improve asset availability and uptime with predictive maintenance

    Even the best technology is useless if it can’t deploy on time. Using real-time asset and sensor data, our solutions for AI in defense provide health assessments and predictive assessments of specific assets within your fleet and can even build an overall picture of your unit health. This gives you powerful insight into which assets may be trending to failure, what corrective actions are recommended to address them, and enhances your visibility into warfighting readiness and capability.

    AI in defense as a force multiplier

    With an aging fleet, experienced maintainer shortfalls, and an increasingly complex supply chain, keeping up with operational tempo (OPTEMPO) is an ongoing challenge for the military’s maintainer workforce. 

    SGS solves the elusive problem of how to effectively capture, retain and operationalize tribal knowledge, becoming a force multiplier for the DOD. Our AI-powered solution to ingest and organize unstructured data from logs, records, and assets allows us to tailor solutions that provide prescriptive recommendations by function, role, and problem. Start upskilling and augmenting the capacity of your workforce through a user-friendly interface on a single pane of glass.

    Streamline decision-making with AI in defense

    Variables like weather, global conflict, and supplier networks make it challenging to ensure resources are forecasted accurately. Any impact on supply chain health can lead to a significant decline in readiness.

    Our AI-powered planning solutions provide greater insight into your supply chain’s ability to fulfill forecasted demand, enabling optimized inventory management and preventing the need for safety stock and discarded inventory.

    By leveraging SGS technology across multiple data sources, you can accurately predict demand, issues, and solutions across your entire department’s hierarchy to enable faster, accurate, and more confident decision-making.

    End-to-end solutions for asset, unit, or fleet-level: AI in defense white papers

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      Government-focused AI in defense

      With the necessary infrastructure and experience to support government contracts, SGS is exclusively dedicated to creating government-focused solutions that meet the needs of the DOD’s most critical missions with proven AI technologies built in the U.S.

      At the helm of SGS are some of the most seasoned leaders in national defense.

      Our powerful products have been enabling AI adoption in the industrial sector since 2013. SGS is uniquely equipped to support your full spectrum of operations towards enhancing readiness through AI in defense applications, with solutions spanning a diverse set of use cases, including asset health monitoring, predictive/prescriptive maintenance, supply chain management, and much more. 


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