SparkCognition AI Platform

Award-winning artificial intelligence tools in machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge graphs to solve today’s biggest problems

SparkCognition’s AI platform includes automated model building, knowledge graphs, natural language processing and other artificial intelligence tools that combine to build AI-powered solutions that solve critical problems and everyday challenges for your business.


SparkCognition ML Studio

SparkCognition ML Studio uses automated model building to remove barriers and reduce the time to market for developing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions. ML Studio accelerates AI/ML operationalization by enabling the development of highly accurate, scalable models with a low code platform and automated workflows.

ML Studio improves productivity by streamlining data preparation, automating machine learning tasks such as feature generation and selection, and then automatically builds multiple generations of models to find the best option for the developed solution. Models are then put into production through guided connection to data sources and monitored for model health to keep them performing at peak accuracy. This automated approach leverages proprietary genetic algorithms and deep learning to create dynamic models that take less time to develop and quickly adapt to application changes.

ML Studio’s intuitive interface empowers business users and operators alike to gain insights with a zero-code model deployment and maintenance AI platform, but is powerful enough to help data scientists develop more fine-tuned and custom solutions in days instead of weeks.

Automated model building​

Through neuroevolution, build multiple generations of models to find the most optimal solution tailored to your data.

Model operationalization

Put models into production through guided connection to data sources and model health monitoring and maintenance.

Explainable AI

Extract insights and inform decisions through explainable model results that bubble up what matters in your dataset.

SparkCognition Deep NLP

SparkCognition Deep NLP unlocks previously unavailable insights and knowledge within unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP). Deep NLP can automatically group documents such as records, emails, reports, contracts, financial documents, and other richly formatted sources by similarity so they can be easily searched to provide deeper insights. Unstructured data can be read and contextualized from formats like PDFs, Word Documents, Excel, plain text and more.

Deep NLP automates workflows of unstructured data within organizations so business users can focus on high value business decisions. Deep NLP uses advanced machine learning techniques to automate the retrieval of information, classification of documents, and content analytics. Deep learning methods are used to provide deeper structure and intelligence to document analysis, providing multiple overlays to look at the same collection through different lenses.

Deep NLP allows organizations to analyze and leverage unstructured data that was previously too expensive or difficult to access in order to experience new visibility, reduce operating expenses, surface actionable insights, and enhance decision making.

Information retrieval

Respond to changes in business and get answers to specific queries or analytics that support decision making.

NLP for business

Automatically understands the linguistic nuances, meanings, and relationships of industry-specific jargon, without additional training.

Unstructured analytics

Unlock unstructured data from a broad range of sources and streamline business decisions with deep learning.

SparkCognition Knowledge Studio

SparkCognition Knowledge Studio transforms an organization’s tribal knowledge and subject matter expertise into a knowledge base that empowers decision makers with the right insights at the right time. Patented AI-powered computational knowledge graph technology enables the creation of a new class of knowledge-based applications that improve critical business functions and operational decision-making.

Knowledge Studio expedites encoding of knowledge from a diverse set of sources, while enhancing it with computations and AI techniques. Apps created with Knowledge Studio become invaluable digital assets that speed up and enhance decision-making.

SparkCognition Knowledge Studio helps Fortune 500 industrial companies transform human expertise and data into decision intelligence capability that improves efficiency, profitability, and sustainability, establishing a competitive advantage that grows over time.

Knowledge-based AI

AI algorithms enable subject matter experts to build intelligent, modular applications at scale.

Continuous learning

Using continual learning AI, the knowledge graph will continue to improve to provide better answers and more accurate insights.

Encoded knowledge

Create structural models from enterprise knowledge, know-how from diverse sources, and tribal knowledge that blend with computations models.

SparkCognition Visual AI Studio

SparkCognition Visual AI Studio is an end-to-end computer vision platform consisting of software and computing hardware compatible with multiple camera types, such as:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Drone-mounted cameras
  • Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Mobile device images/video


Visual AI Studio provides a low-code/no-code interface for quickly designing, building and deploying computer vision solutions at scale. Offering a rich library of more than 100 out-of-the-box use cases, users can easily select and customize use cases and dashboards to create fit-for-purpose applications tailored to their needs, including powerful visual analytics paired with real-time alerts based on semantic understanding of video feeds to increase worker safety, cyber-physical security, quality, productivity, and situational awareness across industries.

Visual AI Studio is configurable for a robust set of integrated notification alerts including web-based, mobile app, email, SMS, and on-site alarms. Visual AI Studio delivers role-based access control, remote health monitoring of cameras, edge devices, DVRs, and alarms, and includes a camera calibration tool. The platform supports continuous delivery of updated models and employs continual learning to improve performance over time, mitigating false positive/negative alerts.

Visual AI Studio allows organizations to unlock transformational value from their existing CCTV infrastructure and immediately generate actionable insights—driving significant improvements in risk management and operational excellence.

Automated video

Overcome the limitations of traditional monitoring methods that are manually intensive, inefficient, and error-prone with the power of visual AI.

Computer vision for business

Visual AI helps customers improve their health, safety, and environment (HSE) initiatives, optimize productivity, and gain new insights into their business.

Shifting the paradigm with Visual AI

Drive operational excellence and transition from reactive to proactive corrective actions before issues happen.

SparkCognition artificial intelligence tools solve business's most complex problems

SparkCognition has implemented advanced AI technology in machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing and knowledge graphs in some of the world’s largest organizations. These AI solutions continually improve and provide better results than traditional approaches.

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