A World Defined by AI: Cognitive Times, Vol. 7 No. 1


New year, new advances


In the latest issue of Cognitive Times, we explore a wide range of thought-provoking AI-powered topics that are having profound impacts on our world, our businesses, and our lives. New AI developments are emerging every day, and this issue is no exception. Whether it’s the latest in aviation, finance, or video games, we are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information in this fast-moving field of artificial intelligence. 


A peek Into the future – Dubai Airshow


SparkCognition CEO and founder Amir Husain spoke at the recent Dubai Airshow about the role of AI in the future of aviation, particularly in the areas of maintenance and operations. Husain noted that, unlike in past conferences, the viability of artificial intelligence (AI) contributing to these areas is no longer in question. Rather, the discussion hinged around specific ways in which AI is already providing value. The Dubai discussion included topics as far-ranging as augmenting maintenance staff, optimal scheduling of airline crews, and the safe integration of autonomous aircraft into our national airspaces. He also spoke about SparkCognition’s partnership with SkyGrid to develop and deploy optimized routes for autonomous aircraft. 

Cognitive Times Q1

On display at the airshow was the JF-17 fighter, a joint venture between the Pakistani and Chinese governments. With a focus more on modularity than on the overall platform, the result is a low-cost, highly capable aircraft with sophisticated electronic warfare (EW) capabilities, Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, and more than 150 units already in production. Citing the importance of modularity and open architecture, Husain noted that the “LEGO-block” design approach is critical in an era of rapidly evolving technology.  


Of particular note at the show was the preponderance of unmanned systems, a clear indication of the direction of current aviation R&D. And the technology on display was not limited to military systems, with numerous vendors offering autonomous aircraft for civilian applications. 


Husain closed his overview of the show by noting, with some surprise, the number of partnerships working to develop new technologies, including some unlikely bedfellows like the United Arab Emirates and Israel, China and Pakistan, and India and Russia. He pointed to cross-border collaboration as being key to ensuring future competitiveness in the aerospace field. Read the full article. 


Transforming investment and trading desks with AI


In the unending quest to do more with less and strike the delicate balance between risk and return, AI has emerged as the leading candidate to provide the tools required for success in the financial sector. In this article, author J.B. Jacquet, Head of Quantitative Investment Strategies at SparkCognition, compares traditional statistically-focused methods with the sophisticated capabilities that AI provides. Using the power of AI, investors can improve analytical accuracy, minimize risk, and respond more quickly to rapidly fluctuating market conditions and signals. 


Employing techniques like cluster analysis, learning-based automation, and dislocation detection allow investors to respond to the market in near-real-time, delivering enduring competitive advantage while lowering costs and risk exposure. Read the full article. 


Trends in industrial AI


In an insightful interview with Brian Schettler, AE Industrial partner and AEI HorizonX leader, Schettler talks about the criteria used by his organization to identify promising investment candidates, including opportunities that can effectively move people, goods, data, and ideas efficiently and sustainably. As the intermediary between several start-up companies and The Boeing Company, Schettler provides a unique advantage to entrepreneurs operating in the technology space. 


Citing the importance of rapid prototyping and testing, Schettler describes the excitement generated as the future of a new industry comes together. He also explains the pivotal role of regulators in encouraging (or potentially slowing down) innovation and names several specific investment areas that he is most focused on, including electric aviation, advanced industrial operations, and global decarbonization of the aviation industry. 


Asked for his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Schettler points to the importance of identifying a champion customer and finding the organization within that firm that is the best fit for the product or technology being developed. Read the full article. 


Other issue highlights


  • In What’s Happening in Tech, Soha Mehmood Raza describes several recent innovations, including topics ranging from climate change prediction and cancer screening to underwater acoustics and robotic social interaction. In every instance, AI plays a decisive role in the successful development and evolution of the technology. Read the full article. 


  • If you want to find the latest statistics and learn more about various methods AI uses to generate predictions, read a detailed tutorial on regression techniques in this article. 


  • For video gamers, enjoy a detailed history of the role of AI in games, including a discussion of the ways gaming AI differs from what we generally think of as AI today. It’s been a long evolution, dating back to the days of Quake and exploring concepts as diverse as fuzzy logic, directed acyclic graphs, and a mysterious AI known as F.E.A.R. You’ll never approach your Halo opponent quite the same way again. Read the full article. 


  • Dive into a candid conversation between Amir Husain and SparkCognition board member and BeyondNetZero Chairman Lord John Browne, read an overview of the use of AI-powered UAVs to plant trees, a description of the latest work by the SkyGrid team at SparkCognition’s HyperWerx facility, an update on the role of AI in Media and Entertainment, and Part 2 of the AI-themed short story “Paper.”


This quarter’s issue is filled with innovative AI-themed topics that will make you think, improve your business, and perhaps even inspire you to learn more about a new technology. Check in again next quarter for an update on the very latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the ways in which these advanced capabilities are changing our world. Read the full issue here.

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