We build off each other’s strengths.

We pride ourselves on the diverse team we’ve created here at SparkCognition, where everyone has something different to offer. With our wide range of skill sets, backgrounds, and personalities, we’ve learned to seek knowledge and support from one another. We push for growth in areas of weakness, and celebrate areas of strength. It’s not about competition. It’s about working together to build great things that expand the frontiers of the possible.


Customer Satisfaction

We don’t rest until we know our clients are happy. See more about the clients we have made safe, secure, and satisfied.



We understand our clients have important goals and deadlines. We deliver our products on time, every time.


Quality Work

We take exceptional pride in the quality of our products. Because of this, we offer the best on the market.

We are changing the industry

At SparkCognition, we embrace new technologies. We avidly develop and explore new capabilities, integrating them in innovative ways into our platforms and products. With this level of drive and enthusiasm, each member of our team encourages others to pursue new ideas and see them through, no matter how challenging. We strive, as individuals and as a team, to make a positive, lasting impact on the field of artificial intelligence, security, and Internet of Things technology.

We solve unsolved problems

We’ve made a name for ourselves building systems that solve previously unsolved problems —and we continue to pursue worthwhile, industry-changing goals with tremendous drive and commitment. Our team is highly self-motivated, pursuing new innovations at a fast and furious pace. We love nothing more than the thrill of making it through a tough problem and seeing the final outstanding result. By the very nature of the goals we pursue, we push ourselves to go beyond limits perceived by others. Impossible is nothing.

Open Positions