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Learn about SparkCognition's world-class Industrial AI software products—operationalizing the science of AI to deliver actionable insights that solve critical problems.

Discover how SparkCognition applies artificial intelligence technology drawn from our extensive IP portfolio to create data-agnostic, SaaS-based products optimized for value and scale across critical industries.


SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor

Transform your existing camera infrastructure with intelligent computer vision software. SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor empowers you to analyze real-time visual data from your existing camera feeds so you can improve productivity, reduce accidents, enhance security, and better understand your organization.

Visual AI Advisor for Education

Improve school safety with visual AI technology to automatically detect active threats in real time. Wherever cameras can see, SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor for Education can autonomously interpret the action—e.g., a person with a gun, someone needing first aid, a door propped open suspiciously, etc.—and immediately alert school safety officers, increasing the barrier of time when seconds count.

Visual AI Advisor for HSE

SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor for HSE harnesses the power of advanced computer vision to proactively prevent accidents, identify unsafe conditions, and measure safety improvement programs at scale. Deploying rapidly to your existing CCTV infrastructure, this always-on, always-vigilant, paradigm-shifting technology helps you reduce the risk of incidents that lead to injuries, fatalities, penalties, missed work, and other avoidable outcomes.

Visual AI Advisor for Retail

Unlock real-time business intelligence into your operations with visual analytics to improve revenue. Visual AI Advisor enables retailers to target and optimize high ROI use cases like tracking customer experience and conversion, observing employee performance and SOP compliance, staying alert to inventory stock-outs, measuring traffic flow from the forecourt to the check-out line, and much more.

SparkCognition Industrial AI Suite

Gain unprecedented intelligence from your industrial data via AI-powered predictive to prescriptive workflows, visualization, planning, live KPI monitoring, and more. Combining our patented AI technology with domain-specific methodology to evolve asset performance management, enable process optimization, and augment human intelligence across energy and manufacturing environments, SparkCognition delivers the breadth and depth of our proven, versatile, and intuitive applications together in one platform: SparkCognition Industrial AI Suite.

Industrial AI Suite for Oil & Gas

Industrial AI Suite for Oil and Gas enables you to extract more value from your data and proactively address issues before they inhibit production—reducing maintenance costs and improving operational efficiency. Industrial AI Suite for Oil and Gas customers have realized 10x ROI using our patented technology across multibillion-dollar investments—avoiding huge downtime costs per predicted failure event.

Industrial AI Suite for Manufacturing

Industrial AI Suite for Manufacturing brings revenue-driving operational and process insights to process and discrete manufacturing, scaling efficiency gains with predictive and prescriptive analytics, scenario planning tools, and 360° visibility into performance across your plant. Take advantage of explainable AI workflows to minimize downtime incidents, improve yield and quality, reduce costs, and enable your workforce.

Industrial AI Suite for Renewables

Industrial AI Suite for Renewables is SparkCognition’s best-in-breed, AI-enabled asset performance management platform for wind, solar, hydro, and energy storage—with proven ability to increase annual energy production up to 5% and decrease O&M costs by 10%. 

SparkCognition Generative AI Suite

Drawing on more than a decade of experience mastering critical industrial problem sets with innovative AI-first solutions, SparkCognition Generative AI Suite harnesses the power of generative AI for private enterprise applications. Take advantage of efficient and secure data pipelines, advanced ML Ops tools, and containerized privacy to scale hyper-personalized, multimodal generative AI productivity gains.

Accelerate Enterprise LLM Development

SparkCognition offers two options for engineering your own custom enterprise LLMs: 1) our hosted compute environment as the private, secure cloud for your build; or 2) an on-prem hosted compute environment using our robust template for custom enterprise LLMs. Both allow you to monitor and manage infrastructure and follow our runbook to manage scale proactively. 

AI Studio: Build Your Own LLM Applications

SparkCognition is enabling the future of app development with AI Studio. Follow easy-to-use templates to train LLMs on your own data and deploy an LLM Agent that can resource knowledge from the internet. Seamlessly drag and drop AI modules to craft custom pipelines and transform complex workflows into streamlined solutions—within minutes.

Augment Existing Workflows with Gen AI

Unlock new end-to-end use cases for teams to automate and elaborate asset performance management, system health monitoring, predicting and prescribing outcomes, abstracting information and trends, etc. Take advantage of faster, more intelligent workflows enabled by enterprise generative AI to improve time to value and upscale your resources.

Why SparkCognition Products?

Infrastructure runs the world. Our AI runs infrastructure.

Over $100T of global infrastructure is under stress today, pressured by climate change, geopolitical conflicts, economic instability, skills gaps, and other interconnected challenges. Our vision is to develop and renew the world’s infrastructure with artificial intelligence—transforming data into insights by operationalizing the science of AI into solution-based products that can predict, prescribe, and optimize our world.

  • With SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor, we’re empowering schools, stores, and industrials to utilize visual analytics and alerts on their existing CCTV cameras, so they can proactively stop costly accidents, defects, and security breaches.
  • With SparkCognition Industrial AI Suite, we’re unlocking the power of data for the world’s leading energy and manufacturing companies, helping them prevent critical failures, optimize asset performance, maximize skilled resources, and achieve their net-zero goals much faster.
  • And with SparkCognition Generative AI Suite, we’re perfecting the next generation of tools, toolkits, and workbench to accelerate the ROI of Gen AI. 

Ready to build a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world with artificial intelligence?


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