SparkCognition Renewable Suite

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered renewable energy asset performance management platform for solar, wind, hydro, and storage

SparkCognition Renewable Suite is the world’s first AI-powered full-spectrum performance management (APM) platform for renewable energy, enabling you to improve profitability by increasing energy production, reducing maintenance costs, and maximizing operational efficiency. 

Proven Value

“Renew Energy chose SparkCognition Renewable Suite to help us maximize the value of the O&M services we provide our wind energy customers. We have seen significant gains in operational efficiency with the product, and the team at SparkCognition works closely with our internal team to continuously increase the solution’s functionality.”

Wade Weichman
Technical Director, RENEW Energy

    Increase renewable energy production, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize operational efficiency

    Hidden underperformance, lack of visibility into production loss and its causes, and premature and unexpected component failures are just some of the challenges faced by renewable energy operators today. Weighed down by extremely large data volumes and diverse asset mixes, asset management often becomes a time-consuming (and expensive) endeavor, requiring multiple tools that together fail to deliver a strong return on investment.

    SparkCognition Renewable Suite was built by renewable energy experts to provide a single AI-powered tool for the management of multiple asset types—solar, wind, hydro, and energy storage—with proven ability to increase annual energy production up to 5% and decrease O&M costs by 10%.

    Get end-to-end visibility with dashboards, monitoring, and automated reporting

    SparkCognition Renewable Suite gives you the entire picture to view actionable alerts for fleet-level KPIs and operations. Renewable Suite’s automated performance metrics allow for streamlined maintenance decisions.
    • View energy production, capacity factor, revenue, and energy-based availability.
    • Monitor assets or components at risk of failure and examine maintenance cost trends.
    • Measure downtime and lost energy events by frequency and duration.
    • Observe current site environmental conditions (wind speed, direction, temperature, solar irradiation, and more).

    Drill down using powerful alarm and event management features

    Drill down to explore your project and device-level KPIs. SparkCognition Renewable Suite improves operational outcomes by enabling analysts and technicians to spend less time managing data and more time developing solutions.
    • Set up custom alerts from project to asset level.
    • Review faults and downtime by frequency, duration, and lost energy.
    • Discover components with early-stage and advanced failure risks.
    • Create configurable dashboards to track environmental conditions and asset-specific data.

    Forecast energy production, demand, and pricing

    SparkCognition Renewable Suite provides AI-enabled predictions to forecast power production, demand, and pricing to help you meet regulatory requirements.
    • Track multiple types of availability agreements with energy- and time-based forecasting.
    • ​​Forecast real-time grid operations, turbine control, load dispatch planning, energy trading demand, and pricing.
    • Proactively make online and offline generating decisions, set reserve requirements, and plan O&M decisions around remaining useful life.
    • Gain visibility into future spare parts needs and plan crane callouts earlier to avoid unnecessary costs.

    Prevent failures and reduce O&M costs with predictive maintenance

    SparkCognition Renewable Suite’s advanced anomaly detection and predictive analytics ensure timely maintenance action, minimizing component damage and reducing failure rates and downtime. Early problem detection enables maintenance staff to proactively plan, prepare, and avoid unexpected costs.
    • Increase energy production via automated detection of underperforming assets
    • Combine SparkCognition expertise, physics-informed models, and advanced AI to prevent failures and reduce cost.
    • Extract maximum ROI from learnings captured by predictive analytics combined with prescriptive actions.
    • Combine data from multiple assets with scalable and automated model building.

    Turn data into valuable insights with self-service analytics

    SparkCognition Renewable Suite makes any data in the platform available to create custom analytics reports. Analyze datasets including production, revenue, availability, fault data, maintenance costs and time, parts usage, and anomaly detection.  Advanced natural language processing technology allows you to retrieve data from unstructured sources to improve analytics and prescriptive insights.
    • Generate time domain, scatter, fault, and downtime visualization plots.
    • ​​Create heatmaps
    • Plot and compare multiple assets or components to identify anomalies quickly.
    • Use both preconfigured and user-defined analysis.

    Renewable energy asset performance management case studies

    AI for Renewable Energy: Building a More Sustainable World

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    Detect yaw misalignment 80% faster with 96% accuracy to increase revenue by $45,000

    Learn how SparkCognition Renewable Suite was able to detect yaw misalignment of five degrees or more with 96% accuracy—using only two months of historical data. Read our case study

    Save $150K per incident by detecting pitch bearing issues up to six months earlier

    Learn how SparkCognition Renewable Suite detects pitch bearing issues remotely. Failures can be predicted with over 90% accuracy, up to six months in advance, saving upwards of $150,000 per incident. Read our case study

    Accurately calculating energy loss with corrective actions to increase profitability by 10%

    Discover how wind farm operators apply SparkCognition Renewable Suite to increase profitability by up to 10%, by identifying underperforming turbines. Read our case study

    How solar operators can reduce energy production loss caused by soiling

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      Why SparkCognition Renewable Suite for renewable energy asset performance management?

      With over 4.5 GW of clean energy assets in use so far, SparkCognition Renewable Suite—the world’s first AI-powered asset performance management platform for renewable energy—has increased its customers’ annual energy production from 2-5% and decreased O&M costs by 10%.

      SparkCognition Renewable Suite delivers proven, fully-automated, cost-effective, and scalable capabilities to increase renewable energy production, reduce maintenance costs, and drive meaningful operational improvements.

      Leverage the vast streams of data you already have to power advanced monitoring and insight generation, enable longer prediction horizons for maintenance and correcting underperformance, and attain highly accurate forecasting capability, with SparkCognition Renewable Suite.

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