Artificial Intelligence for Health and Safety

Improve your company’s environmental, health, and safety (EHS) practices and performance

Identify your company’s top hazardous activities, locations, out-of-compliance practices, and deviations from EHS standards using AI for health and safety, minimizing the probability of an incident or lost time injury, and contributing to improved staff efficiency.


What is AI for health and safety?

AI for health and safety harnesses the power of natural language processing and machine learning (ML) technologies to identify potentially hazardous workplace conditions and practices by extracting insights from unstructured information sources, e.g., incident reports, observation cards, etc.

AI for health and safety in oil and gas

EHS optimization is critical in the oil and gas industry, with its inherently hazardous combination of heavy equipment, remote/offshore work environments, and dangerous materials and chemicals.

AI for health and safety in the manufacturing industry

The repetitive high-volume processes characteristic of the manufacturing industry frequently result in injuries, worker compensation claims, and subsequent lost work time inefficiencies. AI-driven technology identifies and prioritizes the risks to your business and your staff.

AI for health and safety in the utility industry

The high-voltage world of electric power demands an unrelenting focus on safety and risk mitigation. AI for health and safety is uniquely equipped to identify these risks and enable safety managers to address them in a timely and efficient manner.

How does AI enable health and safety?

SparkCognition’s AI for health and safety solutions harnesses the power of advanced computer vision and visual AI technologies to proactively identify and prevent unsafe acts, near misses, and unsafe conditions.

Your health and safety performance directly affects worker productivity and efficiency, as well as the costs associated with accident claims, regulatory non-compliance, and staff morale and retention.

The scope of health and safety includes workplace safety, your culture, and day-to-day training and work practices. Visual AI-based technology can automate identifying and prioritizing hazards or unsafe practices/locations, enabling your managers to address them proactively—reducing the chance of incidents occurring.

Drive greater productivity and enhance profitability

Workers are more productive and efficient when they operate in safe environments using safe work practices. Minimizing lost work time due to accidents allows workers to function in a more normal, less hurried mode, which in turn further reduces accident risks.


Enable your safety managers to be more productive and effective

SparkCognition’s AI for health and safety solutions minimize the need for company manager oversight and analytical expertise, allowing them to focus on their core responsibility, i.e., addressing safety and compliance concerns as quickly and effectively as possible, and communicating these safety issues and resulting changes to staff.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Companies that focus on optimizing worker safety and the environmental quality of their workplaces are more attractive to employees and contribute to reduced incident costs/claims, higher employee retention, and reduced turnover and retraining costs.

AI for EHS solutions across industries

AI for EHS in the oil and gas industry

Protect your employees from unsafe work environments. Proactively identify hazards, whether from unsafe workplaces or unhealthy environments, and equip your safety managers to be as effective and efficient as possible in their work.

  • Flag and modify unsafe work practices.
  • Identify and label unsafe locations.
  • Ensure compliance with government environmental regulations.

AI for EHS in the power/utility industry

Identify, prioritize, and eliminate hazardous conditions and work practices in the utility industry, whether in power generation plants or outdoor T&D work.

  • Maximize staff efficiency by minimizing accidents.
  • Identify hazardous work practices and modify as needed.
  • Reduce accident claims and regulatory fines/costs.

AI for EHS in the manufacturing industry

Use AI for health and safety to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing processes by identifying and addressing health and safety issues proactively and effectively.
  • Improve worker satisfaction and retention.
  • Reduce lost time and rework inefficiencies.
  • Enhance company reputation as a place to work.

How SparkCognition delivers AI for health and safety

SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor for health and safety solutions uses our proprietary visual AI algorithms to analyze your existing camera feeds and CCTV systems to proactively identify and send alerts for unsafe acts, near misses, and many more safety use cases.

Leveraging our AI for health and safety methodology is straightforward and effective. The process is guided from start to finish by SparkCognition AI and domain experts, with minimal expertise or time requirements from your staff.



Visual AI Advisor has use cases for near misses, unsafe acts, accident detection, fires, falls, spills, PPE compliance, and more. Once the solution is deployed, Visual AI Advisor tracks these use cases throughout your facility, alerting appropriate stakeholders when a use case is detected.


Visual AI Advisor automatically tracks unsafe acts and near misses, alerting line managers and workers of dangerous behaviors and situations. Using this information, HSE managers can proactively stop accidents and analyze trends based on accident type, location, and time series data. Visual AI Advisor is always on and never loses focus, staying vigilant even as workers tire.


With this reporting system, HSE managers can enhance training programs, compliance procedures, and other HSE programs to reduce overall risk. HSE managers can then quantify these improvements using Visual AI Advisor’s dashboard and report ROI to management.

Case Studies: Learn more about AI for health and safety

Use Case: Preventing Forklift Accidents with Visual AI Advisor

Forklift incidents are costly and far too common. In 2020 alone, over 7,000 forklift accidents resulted in a median of 17 lost work days per incident. Learn how HSE managers can reduce forklift incidents by creating a system of improvement that starts with SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor. Read our use case

Optimize Workplace Safety with Visual AI Advisor

Learn how Visual AI Advisor uses your existing camera infrastructure to automatically monitor your factory floor and other workspaces, ensuring PPE compliance and employee safety. Read our case study

Increase school safety with SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor

Learn how SparkCognition’s Visual AI product helps to reduce incidents of school violence by proactively identifying threats and critical situations. Automatically detecting weapons, suspicious individuals, or unauthorized access incidents helps save lives, enabling childhood education to be the safe and rewarding experience it should be. Read our use case

On-demand webinar: 5 ways to transform worker safety with AI

SparkCognition’s Visual AI product enhances worker safety through a number of innovative capabilities that include automatic monitoring for PPE compliance, detection of unsafe work practices, and dangerous interactions between workers and vehicles. By providing automated alerts and ongoing hazard tracking, worker safety is assured without the need for human intervention or capital investment. Watch the webinar

Delivering real-time fire safety with AI-powered CCTV

One of India’s leading oleochemical operations lost $400K worth of assets in a massive fire. Learn how they deployed Visual AI Advisor to over 200 CCTV cameras, allowing them to detect fire signatures 10-20X faster than traditional fire detection systems. Read our case study

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