Prescriptive Insights

Use prescriptive insights to contextualize AI predictive analytics and determine next best actions

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just help you predict when your assets and processes are trending to failure. It provides prescriptive insights that help you understand the underlying reason for the problem and determine which corrective actions you should take to resolve it most efficiently.



What are prescriptive insights?

Prescriptive insights are actionable recommendations derived from analytics processes to achieve desired outcomes in response to expected events. They provide the answer to the question: “how can we make X happen instead of Y?”

Prescriptive insights are commonly used to help decision-makers contextualize real-time data vs. predicted behavior on their assets, for faster root cause analysis of problems and providing support to identify corrective actions.

Prescriptive insights in manufacturing

Facing massive hiring shortfalls and losing experienced workers to retirement every day, the manufacturing industry can’t afford unplanned downtime. Prescriptive insights can help your less-experienced workers perform root cause analysis faster, speeding up maintenance and preventing unnecessary repairs.

Prescriptive insights in oil and gas

Flaring during a work stoppage or maintenance event is estimated to contribute 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. Predictive maintenance strategies complemented by prescriptive insights help you reduce unplanned downtime and achieve your net-zero goals.

Prescriptive insights in renewables

Improving energy output of renewable power plants is key to reducing the cost of energy. Prescriptive insights improve operational outcomes by enabling analysts and technicians to spend less time processing and managing data and more time working on solutions.

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    How does artificial intelligence enable prescriptive insights?

    Advanced AI technologies are used to transform raw data into data insights—not only predictive insights but also prescriptive insights. AI-powered prescriptive insights help you see what steps need to be taken, or what factors need to be taken into account, to achieve outcomes predictive analytics tell you are possible.

    Employing machine learning to develop predictive models, natural language processing (NLP) to automate workflows of unstructured natural language data, and other AI techniques, SparkCognition’s predictive and prescriptive analytics combine to deliver real-world, high-value outcomes—like preventing asset failures, improving shipping logistics, detecting fraud, and optimizing renewable energy platform production.

    Gain next best action recommendations to improve throughput

    SparkCognition delivers prescriptive insights contextualized by explainable data visualizations in intuitive dashboards. Used with machine learning models that capture user input to improve prescriptive results, prescriptive insights enable you to perform intelligent root cause analysis of inefficiencies and proactively mitigate equipment failures days in advance, or improve processes for higher throughput.
    • Get recommendations for next best actions to avert accidents, repair and service components, and optimize processes.
    • Run complete system health checks.
    • Create alerts customized for your key operational metrics.

    Reduce research time spent on root cause analysis

    SparkCognition’s prescriptive insights are fully explained through interactive visualization. Our AI-powered products help your operators take advantage of predictive alerting with root causes and prescriptive actions, complete system health checking, and customizable alerts for your key operational metrics.
    • Empower your maintenance staff to proactively undertake root cause analysis.
    • Eliminate maintenance guesswork and reduce the time to resolution.
    • Prevent unnecessary repairs.
    • Increase throughput and uptime by reducing the time required to optimize performance.
    • Reduce costs of replacement parts and spare inventory by reducing unnecessary maintenance.

    Capture tribal knowledge and upskill your workforce

    For industries challenged by labor loss issues, like the manufacturing industry, leveraging tribal knowledge found only in highly variable formats like maintenance logs or user manuals is equally desirable and elusive to achieve. SparkCognition’s proprietary natural language processing technology allows you to extract knowledge from vast quantities of unstructured data, like maintenance logs, reports, asset manuals, and more.
    • Automate workflows to extract, organize, and interpret tribal knowledge from unstructured sources.
    • Enable machine learning models to use millions of potential associations.
    • Make prescriptive insights available to SMEs and maintenance personnel about what caused a particular event and why.

    AI-powered prescriptive insights across industries

    AI-powered prescriptive insights in manufacturing

    SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite accelerates digital transformation for the world’s leading manufacturers in process, discrete, and batch operations. Our proven manufacturing asset management platform helps you increase throughput, lower costs, and optimize processes with predictive maintenance, prescriptive insights, and process optimization.

    AI-powered prescriptive insights in offshore oil and gas

    SparkCognition O&G Maintenance Advisor protects and optimizes critical assets and entire offshore production processes.

    Prescriptive insights aid root cause analysis at an extremely granular level, so you can stop issues from recurring and identify new opportunities to improve plateaued utilization.

    AI-powered prescriptive insights in renewables

    Discover how SparkCognition’s natural language processing solution enables you to identify non-obvious hazards in the workplace. Proactively mitigate health and safety threats, ensure the safety and health of your workforce, and reduce lost work time and risk of potential litigation.

    Increasing the benefit of predictive maintenance with prescriptive insights

    SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor’s patented predictive machine learning models continually analyze your live streaming sensor data and notify your SMEs when known or unknown machine problems are identified, so they can investigate and decide if, when, and how to repair the issue, aided by next best action prescriptive insights and rich visualizations to inform and guide the diagnostic process.

    How SparkCognition delivers prescriptive insights to identify non-productive time on oil platforms

    Non-productive time consumes as much as 20-25% of all platform operating time each year. For offshore platforms, this can add up to billions of dollars in lost revenue.

    SparkCognition’s customer, a major upstream E&P operator, wanted to better categorize and analyze platform activities to track and eliminate non-productive time and invisible lost time.


    Step 1: Leveraging natural language processing

    Our natural language processing platform, SparkCognitionTM Deep NLP successfully categorized platform activity, labeling each activity with a code and sub-code for ease of analysis.

    Step 2: Providing prescriptive insights

    Deep NLP provided new insights into the most frequently occurring activities on the platform with high accuracy, such as identifying the 46 most frequently occurring code and sub-code combinations.

    Step 3: Determining events and causes

    Using SparkCognition’s prescriptive insights, the E&P operator effectively pinpointed non-productive time and invisible lost time, as well as their causes, automating a process that would have required significant human labor and time.

    Case Studies: Learn more about AI and prescriptive insights

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    Anticipating and Mitigating Future Safety Hazards

    Discover how SparkCognition’s natural language processing solution enables you to identify non-obvious hazards in the workplace. Proactively mitigate health and safety threats, ensure the safety and health of your workforce, reduce lost work time and risk of potential litigation. Read our use case