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Unlocking the AI Black Box: Transforming Oil & Gas Operations With Neural Networks

AIRED ON: September 29, 2022

Webinar Summary

Today’s Oil & Gas assets, including everything from pumps to compressors, must operate reliably in a wide array of harsh and challenging environments. Toward that goal these assets are becoming instrumented, intelligent, and interconnected, providing an incredible amount of data. Unfortunately, the ability to process this information in real-time has proven elusive. According to Accenture, less than 29% of organizations apply advanced analytics, like AI, effectively across their sites to reduce operations costs and/or optimize processes.

AI plays a pivotal role in enabling organizations to detect anomalies, predict asset failures, and prescribe the next best actions. However, not all AI is created equally, and many with black boxes fail to understand the idiosyncrasies of Oil and Gas operations.


  • How neural networks allow operators to understand the dynamics of aging assets reducing failure by up to 20%
  • How Normal Behavior Modeling (NBM) is significantly reducing alert fatigue ensuring worker productivity
  • How machine learning can augment human knowledge and retain critical asset history increasing uptime by 5%

About the Speaker

Curt Richtermeyer

Curt Richtermeyer is an accomplished executive, public speaker, and advisor to companies looking to find innovative software solutions for the most complex business problems. Throughout his 30+ year career in the software industry, he has developed a passion for helping companies unlock growth, optimize performance, and realize return on their software investments. As SparkCognition’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales, he leads sales teams that help the world’s most recognizable companies leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. Prior to joining SparkCognition, Curt served as SVP and General Manager for Aurea, led North America Sales for CallidusCloud, and held senior management positions with Oracle, Trilogy, BDO, and Grant Thornton. Curt holds an MBA and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin.

Carlos Paiva

Carlos Paiva is an innovator, problem solver, public speaker, and advisor to executives trying to understand how technology will help them unlock solutions to their most critical business challenges. Paiva has 20+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry, from exploration to production and drilling. Throughout his career, he has helped dozens of companies discover the value of cutting-edge technologies such as continuous online monitoring and surveillance tools, digital twins, and machine learning. Before joining SparkCognition, Carlos worked at Schlumberger and SPT Group in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. Carlos holds a bachelor’s degree in control and automation engineering from the Federal University of Itajubá)(UNIFEI) in Brazil and an MBA from Rice University.

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