In modern maritime operations, data is your most valuable asset. SparkCognition’s artificial intelligence solutions for maritime & the shipping industry extract that value and put it to work for you.

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For an industry-leading ship operator, SparkCognition predicted propulsion failures 10 months in advance and alternator failures six weeks in advance, as well as predicting an ancillary failure without having been given that asset’s operating data. How can we help you mitigate unplanned downtime?

“SparkCognition’s cognitive solutions and actionable insights into threat dynamics help companies act on warnings of impending failures, preventing unwarranted downtime. Bridging the gap between industry need and certified human capability, path breaking cognitive analytics by SparkCognition is poised to become the industry standard.”

Mohena Srivastava
Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Transform your data into actionable insights

AI technologies are revolutionizing the way the maritime industry conducts business. By absorbing and analyzing terabytes of data, SparkCognition’s AI solutions make predictions that mitigate unplanned out-of-service time, protect the IT estate from cyber threats, and reduce the time and resources needed for shipboard or ashore management tasks. All of this, distilled into formats that are easy to understand, adds up to an invaluable toolset for today’s data-driven, comprehensive fleet management.


Improve System Efficiency and Reduce Critical Machine Failure

Predict asset failures before they occur and improve operational readiness.

Strategically Plan Maintenance Periods In-Voyage, In-Port, and In-Yard

Provide support to seagoing and ashore personnel in assessing and planning the most efficient process for R&M tasks.

Organize Data More Effectively

Ingest and analyze the terabytes of data being generated by shipboard sensors, aggregate data fleet-wide or from a class of vessels, and transmit to a central receiving point ashore.


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