National Grid Grain LNG Activates SparkCognition’s AI Solution to Avert Unplanned Downtime and Increase Useful Life of LNG Terminal Assets


AUSTIN, TexasJune 27, 2023 — SparkCognition, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions, today announced the selection of its Oil & Gas Maintenance Advisor at National Grid Grain Liquefied Natural Gas (Grain LNG) Terminal following a successful proof of concept (POC). Integrated with Grain LNG’s system, Maintenance Advisor has demonstrated an ability to successfully identify over 90 percent of production-impacting issues an average of 8 days in advance. As a result, Grain LNG can avert unplanned downtime, reduce costs and potentially increase the useful life of its LNG Terminal assets.

National Grid Grain LNG Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Grid, an energy company operating in the United Kingdom and the United States. It owns Grain LNG Terminal, located on the Isle of Grain in the United Kingdom. It is currently the largest terminal in Europe and eighth largest in the world by tank capacity with a site that spans over 600 acres in total.
Grain LNG Terminal currently has an LNG storage capacity of one million cubic meters and a throughput capability of 15 million tons annually, equivalent to 20% of UK gas demand.

“As energy demand rises, it’s become increasingly important that our LNG Terminals continue to operate in a predictable, safe, and highly-efficient fashion,” said Simon Culkin, Importation Manager of Grain LNG. “Using SparkCognition’s industry-leading Maintenance Advisor, we can detect and address equipment problems early, avoid unplanned downtime, minimize customer interruption and costs, and potentially extend the operating life of our LNG Terminal assets.”

SparkCognition’s Oil & Gas Maintenance Advisor is a comprehensive AI-based predictive maintenance solution for asset optimization, capable of detecting anomalistic behavior well in advance of an issue arising. Based on a patented approach to data analysis, Maintenance Advisor learns what normal operations look like and provides prescriptive insights and steps required to mitigate downtime, optimize uptime, and improve bottom-line performance. Maintenance Advisor is highly scalable and seamlessly integrates with existing workflows.

“Our Oil and Gas Maintenance Advisor provides midstream operators, like Grain LNG, with the real-time insights they need to improve asset usefulness and effectiveness while quickly alerting stakeholders to potential issues,” said Jason Chadee, Director for SparkCognition. “Our proprietary approach to delivering AI technology saves maintenance time and costs, maximizing an organization’s ability to meet market demands while ensuring safe and efficient operations.”

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