SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite

Increase throughput, lower costs, and optimize processes with SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite

SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite offers artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions for improved operational efficiency and quality, actionable predictive and prescriptive maintenance, custom dashboards for real-time visibility, and resource management tools for process, discrete, and batch manufacturers.

Proven Value

“SparkCognition’s ability to deliver reliable, AI-based predictive analytics helps the people working with and on the equipment to not only know what is happening, but more importantly, what is going to happen, and when. This is a game changer. Not only does this improve plant safety, but it increases productivity by reducing unplanned downtime.”

Doug Smith, CEO, Texmark Chemicals, Inc.

    Accelerate your digital transformation with artificial intelligence in manufacturing

    Manufacturers are under pressure to accelerate digital transformation in their facilities to keep up with demand and competitor pressure, but much of the industry’s current tech stack is fragmented and dated. This puts many leading manufacturers today in the strange position of being data-rich yet information-poor. Manufacturers can benefit greatly from AI-powered solutions to operationalize their available data to achieve KPIs, minimize asset downtime, improve product yield and quality, and boost profitability.

    Some of the world’s largest manufacturing firms use SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite to increase throughput, reduce costs, improve safety, and manage risk while accelerating their industry 4.0 transformation.

    Predictive maintenance: Get alerts days in advance, before assets underperform or fail

    Receive actionable notifications of imminent equipment failures, enabling cost-optimized repairs and maintenance.
    • Prevent production slowdowns, micro-stoppages, and unplanned downtime while increasing throughput
    • Reduce CAPEX by maximizing the useful life of assets
    • Get more accurate outage predictions with fewer false positives
    • Increase safety by preventing dangerous critical asset failures

    Prescriptive maintenance: Get AI-powered recommendations on alerts and anomalies

    Gain “next best-action” recommendations for alerts, maintenance, and process improvements.

    • Empower your maintenance staff to proactively perform root cause analysis
    • Save maintenance time by reducing research, eliminating guesswork, and preventing unnecessary repairs
    • Increase throughput and uptime by reducing the time required to resolve performance issues
    • Reduce costs of replacement parts and spare inventory by reducing unnecessary maintenance

    Monitor resource usage in real-time with AI-powered anomaly detection

    Improve understanding of water, electricity, and other resource usage to reduce waste, save money and achieve sustainability goals.
    • Save costs by reducing the use of electricity, water, and other resources
    • ​​Achieve sustainability goals by reducing wasted resources
    • Extend asset usable life by optimizing resource usage
    • Optimize resource usage to maximize throughput

    Link anomalous process events with poor quality to prevent them before they happen

    Gain advance awareness of anomalous process events that can cause quality impacts.
    • Improve product quality with AI-powered insights
    • Reduce costs by eliminating product waste and redos with advance quality issue insights
    • Save operator time and eliminate the guesswork of searching for root causes of quality issues
    • Create new processes or adapt existing ones to improve product quality

    Optimize changeovers and scheduling to improve throughput

    Increase operational and maintenance efficiency, and improve asset management effectiveness.
    • Increase throughput by scheduling changeovers and maintenance tasks to reduce downtime
    • Offset labor shortages by optimizing operational efficiency
    • Identify suboptimal processes by thoroughly visualizing and understanding performance data

    Create custom dashboards to see real-time insights on assets, operations, and KPIs

    Drill down to access and analyze project- and device-level KPIs.
    • Get end-to-end visibility on your operation to better adapt and find patterns
    • View role-specific information to keep technical staff focused on what is important
    • Save manual reporting time and get stakeholders the information they need automatically

    Deploy AI-based, next-gen malware defense for manufacturing OT environments

    Protect IT and OT endpoints from malware, ransomware, and virus attacks.
    • Protect critical assets and infrastructure from cyberattacks
    • Prevent malware and ransom attacks
    • Improve your cyberdefense posture with model support for both on/off-prem that doesn’t require constant updates and supports air-gapped systems.

    Artificial intelligence in manufacturing case studies

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      Why SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite?

      SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite is a comprehensive, modular AI product designed to address the most important digital transformation challenges facing the sector today. Our proven solutions provide faster and more accurate insights by using award-winning, patented AI/ML technology in neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs. Previous results we have achieved for our customers include:
      • Delivering a 5% production efficiency increase for a top 50 beverage manufacturer
      • Alerting a fortune 500 pharmaceuticals company of pending failures almost seven days in advance
      • Avoiding over $1M in maintenance costs in a single plant deployment for a global food & beverage manufacturer
      By reducing complexity and unlocking predictive insights, SparkCognition Manufacturing Suite accelerates digital transformation with artificial intelligence in manufacturing—helping operators cut through the noise to find actionable insights.

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