AI for Renewables: 5 Ways to Optimize Wind, Solar and Energy Storage

AIRED ON: June 7, 2022

Webinar Summary

Being a renewable energy operator has become a lot more challenging over the past few years. Gone are the days when an operator could pick a single asset class (wind or solar), sign a long term guaranteed price PPA, and focus on generation only, with no concern about market pricing or energy curtailment. Ironically, this increase in complexity is driven by the very success that renewables have experienced over the past twenty years, adding a record 280GW of capacity in 2020, becoming the second most prevalent power generation source. As the industry has grown in size, the intermittent nature of renewables has become a bigger concern. This has driven the evolution of battery energy storage, which most renewable energy operators now own and operate. The cost of wind energy generation has declined substantially, but the cost of solar energy generation has declined even faster, causing wind operators to enter the solar market as well.


SparkCognition’s Rob Budny covers the following topics:

  • Factors driving the diversification of renewable energy fleets
  • Challenges faced by operators of diverse asset fleets
  • How AI is being used to overcome these challenges

About the Speaker

Rob Budny

Rob Budny leads the sales of SparkCognition products to the power generation industry. He is a Mechanical Engineer by training, with 20 years of power generation experience, and a particular focus on renewable energy. Using his expertise in rotating equipment reliability, Rob has been developing and selling AI solutions for the power generation industry for the past 7 years.

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